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Mulberry AW13 | The Suffolk in Black & Off White Silky Calf Leather
Mulberry AW13
Mulberry AW13 | The Willow Tote in Black Mixed Material
Mulberry AW13 | Mulberry Loafer
Mulberry AW13 |
Mulberry AW13
Mulberry AW13 | The Williow in Emerald Green
Press days are well and truly upon us! Days of back to back previews of AW13 collections leave some collections blurring into others but there are always a few that stand out above the rest, Mulberry of course being one of them. 

There's something a lot less whimsical about the Mulberry AW13 woman; she's more mysterious and seductive than we've seen before. Focusing on their British heritage, Mulberry's AW13 collection explores nature and the great outdoors, incorporating botanical inspired prints and a rich palette of winter shades, and interesting textures.

The Willow Tote is reintroduced for AW13 in deep oxblood red and emerald green whilst the new Suffolk shape with its slouchy structure can be found in more traditional monochrome colours and finished with gold detailing. 

If it hadn't of been for other appointments, I think I could have easily spent the day in awe amidst the new collection in the showroom. Having to leave that stunning Willow behind, I left the showroom with a heavy heart but a reaffirmed love for Mulberry.


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