22 April 2013

Events | Cath Kidston's 20th Birthday Bash

For all of you who have me on Instagram, you would have seen the photo of my kitchen back in Kent. Pretty pink Cath Kidston flower patterns have surrounded me from a young age and, from curtains to table cloths to bedspreads, you won't find a room in my family home than doesn't pay homage to Cath Kidston. 

To celebrate their 20th birthday, thirty or so bloggers headed to the Cath Kidston HQ, in some very swanky cars may I add, to drink cocktails, feast on mini sausages and mash and learn a few of our own homely skills. 

Later on into the evening, and after a few too many rose petal cocktails, we all donned our Cath Kidston aprons and were taught how to make icing roses by artisan baker Lily Vanilli. Myself and Rosie, from Smart Girls Supper, did our best but I admitted defeat opting to cover my cupcakes in a splurge of icing, fruit and a few flowers to make them a little more fancy.

We left with cupcakes and candles in hand and an air of newly found domestication. Thanks Cath Kidston for having us! 
Anonymous said...

Cutee! Cath Kidston always has that homely feel to it. Makes me feel almost nostalgic reading this post.

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