7 April 2013

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House of Holland denim jacket & shorts | Calvin Klein vest top | Saint Laurent ring
Nike trainers | Pandora & Monica Vinader bracelets

Photographs by Arron Hollands

Let's talk about legs. Your legs. My legs (please no). Our legs. Fat ones, thin ones, short ones, long ones. Does anyone honestly like their legs? It took me double the time to pick outfit photos from the ones taken with this post, all because of my legs. Aside from pins bordering on anorexic thin, there are very few pairs that photograph well, unless you happen to have those sort of sculptured legs found on Victoria Secret's models only.

When Spring finally reared its head on Saturday, I had the perfect new denim double ensemble to welcome it in with. I didn't however have the perfect pins to plonk in said denim. Even standing on top of a car park in Tunbridge Wells didn't make me feel any more above the pin pricks of girls below me owning better legs in their (cheap) H&M shorts.

The right pair of legs can take an outfit from good to great. A great outfit makes you feel great. You feel great and you act like you can rule the fucking world. Not only do you believe that, but as does everyone else around you. So, what I realised this weekend was, like it or not, pretty much everything comes down to having a great pair of legs. Damn. 

Lauren said...

I have short legs with big calves from 15 years of dancing. They're so big that I actually can't wear jeans most of the time because I have to go up a size. x

c. said...

Y'know, you're completely right. No one likes their legs! And if someone does they've either worked very hard for them at the gym, or they're lying. Aha. Lovely blog you've got here!

I am a sucker for anything polkadotted so I love the double denim ensemble.

lo and behold

Millie Cotton said...

Cheers for the lovely comment. Agree on all counts!

Memoir Mode said...

Love the matching denim! I don't know many people that like their legs and I can tell you now there is absolutely nothing wrong with yours... xx

Greta* said...

like your outfit, girl:)X


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