16 March 2013

Music//March Mixtape

Things have gone a little deeper and a little more mellow for March. Beginning with the resonant new track Retrograde, coming soon from long-time favourite James Blake's sophomore album, this mixtape is one to sit back and really listen to - there's no better time than the present with the rain tapping down on our windows and the wind whistling past.

Picking up in pace, but without loosing any reverence, is Lyam Mathews' Broken Heart, followed by atmospheric sounds and wispy beats from Twos who, as hard as I try, I can't seem to find out much about but here's his soundcloud to send us delving deeper into dreams.

Resotone's melodic tones brings us back to reality, ready for Oliver Tank's mash up of Snoop Dog's Drop It Like It's Hot and Beautiful, offering up something fresh and unique to titillate our earbuds.


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