7 March 2013

I Wear Clothes//Digital Lion.

vintage (Nines London) Versace jacket* & rucksack*//M&S men's T-shirt//
YSL ring//H&M boots//Portobello market sunglasses//vintage necklace

Looking back on these photos I've realised that no matter how short I am, I really can't get away with trying to pull off men's T-shirt's as dresses - lesson learnt. I've got no words for how much I'm loving this vintage denim Versace jacket; it has jeans to match but I'm not brave enough to pull both off in one - I'd feel a bit like a walking chess board spluttered with flowers.

I had an interview for NYLON magazine yesterday so cross your fingers, legs and toes for me and you'll be getting some outfit posts from NYC come early summer.

James Blake just shared another new single from Overgrown. Anyone else feel like April can't get here soon enough? 

Laura said...

Love the sunglasses!

Laura xx - Black & Gold

Ester DurĂ£es said...

love both your shoes and your backpack!! :)

Drawing Dreaming

Millie Cotton said...


Millie Cotton said...

Thanks! Shoes were a bargain from H&M, rucksack probably not so much...


that jacket is so fabulous! awesome look xx

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