15 March 2013

Dior at Harrods.

There are certain days when I really appreciate what I do and today was certainly one of those days. I headed to Brompton Road this afternoon to preview Dior's Harrods takeover before it opens to the public tomorrow. 

The Dior experience at Harrods begins with extremely carefully crafted window displays that invite you to the fourth floor where you'll find the elaborate Dior universe that awaits you. From my first step onto the luxurious carpet inside the Dior world, I knew that no expense had been spared and no detail overlooked. 

The Dior highlights range from a larger than life iconic Lady Dior handbag, with a film projected on its front, to a Dior telephone box, which insides engulf you in Miss Dior scent, to Natalie Portman's Miss Dior dress hanging freely in a glass box, lending it to the attention deserved - one of the charming Dior guys informed me that each flower was created uniquely and then sewn on by hand individually, meaning the dress took almost 1000 hours to create.

Standing alongside the exhibition, and enabling a well-rounded Parisian experience, Dior have also opened a pop-up cafe on the fourth floor of Harrods, dishing up favourite recipes from Monsieur Dior's La Cuisine Cousu-Main book, which was published in 1972.

Opening tomorrow until April 14th, the Dior retrospective exhibition is free to the public and certainly worth a trip to see.
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