13 March 2013

I Wear Clothes//Comic Relief with Princesse tam.tam

Princesse tam.tam pyjamas*//Alexander Wang top//COS bra//YSL ring//ASOS hat

We all know that at the epicentre of fashion blogging is girls taking photos of themselves and posting them on the internet - this time however, these photos might actually help make a difference.

To support Comic Relief this year Princesse tam.tam offered bloggers the chance help raise money for the campaign by sending us pyjamas, so we could photograph ourselves in them at our work place and post them on our blogs, for which they would give £50 to Comic Relief for each blogger taking part. 

Being a student and not having an official work place as such, I went on a tour around university wearing my Princesse tam.tam pyjamas. The weird and wonderful is always taking place around uni but I was still on the end of some odd glances - I'm sure sitting on the floor, in the middle of a corridor in pyjamas while having my photo taken, wasn't anything to do with it. I wasn't expecting quite as many odd looks as I received though...

My slight embarrassment for a few hours is nothing compared to the daily sufferings of thousands of people around the world. Every penny helps and that's what counts. I'm glad to have done my bit to take part! 
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