3 February 2013

I Wear Clothes//Bare Necessities.

Glamorous mesh sleeved jumper*//vintage necklace//American Apparel denim skirt//
Marks & Spencer men's Autograph tee//earrings from a Shoreditch market//Claire's Accessories hairbands

I like the idea of opening my wardrobe and picking out things with my eyes shut and no matter what I choose, they'll go together - that's what I'm aiming for anyhow. All of the above are recent additions to this idealistic wardrobe I have in mind. The men's T-shirt might seem strange but it's so large it doubles up as a dress, and being part of the men's Autograph range, the fabric is heavenly; something similar would have cost me four times the price from the Topshop Boutique range.

Apologies for my lack of posts this week - I'm afraid they'll be sparse for the next month or so too. University is full on; running a paper and meeting dissertation deadlines are engulfing every second of each day and when they're not, I'm using what little spare time I have to let off steam with friends.

Also, sorry if this post wasn't what you're expecting. I'm a little tired of posting photos of myself on the internet at the moment, I'm sure I'll come back around soon though.
she.is.the.one said...

very well done post dear! :)

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