Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 13 ft. Sky Ferreira.

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall ft. Sky Ferreira
Saint Laurent Pre-Fall ft. Sky Ferreira
Saint Laurent Pre-Fall ft. Sky Ferreira
Saint Laurent Pre-Fall ft. Sky Ferreira
He's the man who ordered King Karl Lagerfeld to drop 90 pounds. The man who led the transformation of the male silhouette at Dior. The man who notoriously documented Pete Doherty and unveiled the Berlin club scene in a manner never seen before. 

Since Hedi Slimane's return to Yves Saint Laurent back in March last year, he's turned the label upside down, dropping the Yves and rebranding the Parisian fashion house to Saint Laurent Paris.

The Saint Laurent creative director has once again blurred the lines between musician and model using talented LA born blonde-bombshell Sky Ferreira to front his monochromatic campaign; a distinguished feature of much of Slimane's work.

It's an all black affair and the collection's details are cleverly hidden, only small glimpses are offered to wet our pre-fall palettes. His sophomore outing features Slimane's signature tailored silhouettes in super-slim leather and seductive sheer fabrics, giving Ferreira a seductive aura way beyond her years. 

Aside from the duffle coat - who knew Saint Laurent made duffle coats - there's nothing particularly temerarious this time round but let's face it, Slimane's fans aren't the type seek audacious change now, are they?


Ella Catliff said...

Kind of want to be her right now, serious babe x

Millie Cotton said...

god I know right x


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