I Wear Clothes//N'questia.

Ralph Lauren cardigan//American Apparel crop top//Topshop Boutique joggers//Urban Outfitters socks//
Nike Air Max 1s//Marc Jacobs & vintage rings & necklace.

So I finally have a new spring in my step - I've added a pair of new Nikes Air Max 1s to my trainer collection. You wouldn't believe the time I invested trying find the perfect pair to feature upon my Christmas list. In the end these leopard print Nike Air Max 1s were the babies that  had me weak at the knees, disallowing my concentration to focus upon much else. Luckily enough, they materialised underneath the Christmas tree (a metaphorical tree of course, I was skiing at Christmas). 

I realise you've probably noticed that I also have these Topshop Boutique joggers in black - slightly nonsensical but I'm a creature of habit. I bagged this pair from eBay for a mere £15, a crazy £45 less than my black silk Topshop Boutique joggers.

And to the music - this tune is chilled; N'questia's vocals will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just what's needed in the sub-zero temperatures. You'll have it on repeat before you know it, I promise.


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