20 January 2013

I Wear Clothes | Caught a Long Wind

Topshop Boutique pinafore dress//Zara Kids polo//Urban Outfitters Chain//Topshop Boots//Eastpak rucksack//Vintage ring//Nixon watch//Stila lipstick*/Monica Vinader stacking rings*//Pandora bracelet

If I had a pound for every time someone had asked how old I was, then gasped abhorrently when I replied "twenty one" (usually in a sheepish manner), I'd be one very wealthy young lady by now. 

Given that I honestly don't look a day older than sixteen, you might think that I'd make the effort to dress with a little more maturity to try and balance it out but no, if anything, with my pinafores, scrunchies and rucksacks, I'm the only one to be held to blame for looking 5 years younger. 

My dissertation is the current bane of my life but one thing that it's taught me about women, and women's magazines, is that they are always striving for youth. You only have to scan the magazine shelves for proof; whether they're giving you their top ten anti-ageing tips or telling you how to defy another decade, it's fashionable to try to preserve your juvenescence - forget the curves you're supposed to develop with age - there's nothing more attractive in fashion than having the body of a prepubescent boy, don't you know?

Being made feel uncomfortable about the way other people perceive you is completely unacceptable; whether it's because you're too fat, too thin or like me, you look like a baby compared to your peers - at least with the latter you won't be dishing out hundreds of pounds on anti-wrinkle creams and questioning botox by your late twenties.

Whilst I could throw all 10,000 words of my dissertation at you (JOKING - I've barely started), I best stop there before I bore you to tears with my incoherent rant, which is becoming a little too serious for my liking. Time to get my head out of my books and go play in the snow a bit more, don't you think?

Lela said...

Ah, I do love some Feist! You look gorgeous.

Lela - www.LelaLONDON.com

Milex said...

I could stare at you for ages.

Lauren said...

It's only now that I'm 24 that people have stopped asking me if I'm still at school. Long may I look younger than I am! x

Millie Cotton said...

Hoping when I get to 24 I'll finally agree!

Millie Cotton said...

Feist are great! Thank you, that's really kind x

Bea S. said...

I understand you perfectly. I'm 18 (in March I'll be 19) and yesterday a girl thought I was 13... 13!? yes, 5 years younger than I am. It sucks but on the positive side, when we will be like 40 years old we will seem to be so much younger haha

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Daisy Foster said...

This outfit is perfect, I never think to shop in kids but that polo looks great!
your blog is looking great xxx


Millie Cotton said...

The kids sizes come up huge (plus I'm really short!) They're half the price too.

Millie Cotton said...

Agreed. Good luck with the giveaway

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