8 January 2013

ghd V Gold professional styler

ghd V gold styler*

I've owned ghds since crimping went out of fashion. I started as a preteen with some crummy £20 straighteners only to end up begging for ghds as soon as they came out in 2001 - it was a lot of commitment for a 10 year old, trust me, but it finally paid off as as shiny pair of ghds landed in my lap for Christmas and I've been having good hair days ever since.

Even though I graduated to pink ghds at around 13, I still have my first pair; they've needed a little work on the wire but they still work just as well as they did ten years ago. 

I got sent this ghd Sahara Gold gift set just before Christmas. There's a very fine line between gold being tacky and classy but these tip over to the stylish side, just. 

These ghd V Gold stylers are more expensive than the regular ghds but there are some genuine improvements. The cord is 2.7 meters long with a swivel function which allows easier styling and obviously for the plug to be a little further. The ceramic plates are more advanced; somehow they leave my hair glossier than with my other ghds. And for the forgetful of us, there's a sleep mode - after 30 minutes, these ghds turn themselves off, so no burns in the carpet or burning down the house.

At £135 for the set, which includes a travel case and a heat proof mat, it's quite a hefty price tag but from my experience they won't ruin your hair and will last you for years to come and therefore well worth the plunge if you straighten your hair most days.

Happy hairstyling
Jade | Beauty Butterfly said...

These really are the creme de la creme of straighteners, I'm in desperate need of a new pair!! £135 is expensive but totally worth it!

Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

rosaliejayne said...

I got the red version of these for christmas after being ghd-less for six months and It feels good to have smooth hair again, Definitely worth the price tag!
Rosalie x


Suzye said...

Ah I love these! I've always used GHD's and would never use anything else! :-) SXX

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