I Wear Clothes//Solace.

ASOS mesh sleeved bomber jacket*//Urban Outfitters crop top//Topshop Boutique shorts & rucksack//Marc Jacobs ring//COS beanie

This outfit is pretty inappropriate for the weather at the moment but I wanted to share it anyway so we took photos in doors for a change. 

And as for changes, I'm sort of desperate for one. I think I might cut off all my hair. Dramatic? Yes, but you know how it is. There's that weird rush of adrenaline you get when you take off those straggly ends. You're left with a buzz of confidence, just from snipping off those few inches. 

That confidence will refresh your personality for a while. It'll make you feel like people view you in a different way. The world will be your oyster, all just because you've cut your fucking hair - it's a quick fix but it's exactly how I want to feel right now.


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