29 January 2013

Ciaté Mother of Pearl

Ciaté Caviar Manicure set in Mother of Pearl*

There comes a time when no matter how many designs, transfers and colours you apply to your nails just isn't enough anymore. That's where Ciaté steps in. Ciaté's caviar manicure sets are by no means new on the beauty market - they've been around for a little while now. It's  unlikely that you haven't heard of Ciaté's caviar manicure, that's if you haven't tried it yet.

 I'm not one to sit around for hours patiently drawing patterns on my nails with a nail art pen and frankly, even if I did have the time, I don't have the skills. I'd previously assumed that creating the Ciaté caviar look would take a while but was pleasantly surprised when I finally got around to playing with a Ciaté caviar set this evening.

In the Mother of Pearl Ciaté caviar set there's a varnish, micro beads, a funnel and a tray, which sets you up with everything needed to create the look. You paint one coat of varnish then wait for this to dry. You then take a nail at a time, painting on the varnish and then pouring on the  Ciaté micro beads onto the nail, above the tray so you can collect the excess after. The instructions say to press down the  Ciaté micro beads on your nail but when I did this it messed up one of my nails so from then on, I freely poured and allowed them to set themselves. 

The entire Ciaté caviar manicure took around ten minutes - not bad for such a refined look. The texture you're left with is fantastic. I have a feeling when the beads start to fall off I may get a little irritated but for now I'd definitely recommend a set to anyone who has little time to create some eccentric nail art or like me, just isn't particularly good at it.

The Ciaté Mother of Pearl set costs £18 and you can buy it online here.
Beth Gallimore said...

I love nail art but yet i still havent tried this yet, I do have some MUA nail constellation beads which are a fraction of the cost :)


Gemma Akehurst said...

I've just started blogging so please visit and follow my blog
thanks xx

Kate said...

looks really cool!:)
xx Kate

The Style Department

Hannah J Jewellery said...

Ooooh, I love these so much!! Anne Hathaway had similar nails at the Les Mis premiere. Hannah - www.hjjewellery.co.uk | twitter.com/hjjewellery | facebook.com/hjjewellery x

Lulu said...

This looks so cool!
Definitely going to give it a try:)
Your blog is great - I discovered it this evening and just became your latest follower,
Lulu x

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