10 December 2012

My Week With Zenergy.

I love winter for a couple of weeks before I get sick of the long nights and shorts day. Inevitably in winter most people stack on a little bit of extra love around their middle, thighs...you name it, I've added a couple of extra inches there this winter so far.

So obviously I lept at the chance to sample a weeks worth of Zenergy; the diet service that delivers you fresh food every morning before you leave the house. My box came without fail between 6.30am - 7.30am each day; the delivery guy was even kind enough to not wake me up, leaving my box in our porch and letting me know where it was via text! 

You're given fruit, breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and supper. I was naughty and didn't eat the breakfasts (I'm not a morning person), leaving them in the fridge for a friend before I left for work!

I'm not one to diet. In fact, I'm really against dieting; they take too much planning and simply don't work in the long run. Loosing weight has to be a change of lifestyle, not just a quick fix for a couple of weeks. This is probably why Zenergy worked so well for me. By having the meals dropped to you in the morning, all that planing and effort that puts me off dieting taken care of by someone else. 

It didn't even feel like a diet; if anything I felt like I was eating more than I usually would, even though the food was quite different to what I might usually eat. My week's highlights were some delicious gyozas, smothered in sweet chilli sauce for lunch and steak and roasted veg for supper. I added extra vegetables to the meals though; I'm one of those weird ones who tends to eat more than the recommended 5 a day!  

I'm sure you've already guessed that the service isn't exactly cheap. Zenergy costs from £18 a day but ultimately, the price is worth it for the quality of the food you're getting and how fresh it is.

And now for what you all want to know...yes, it really does work. I added in a few bits of chocolate and glasses of wine here and there (sorry Zenergy!) and still lost a few pounds.

Disclaimer: I was provided with 5 days worth of Zenergy free of charge to review.
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