25 November 2012

Team 21//My post-op experience.

This is what the procedure that corrected my eyes looks like!

As you all know, I took part in Optical Express' Team 21 campaign and had my eyes lasered almost a month ago now.

I guess I should start with my surgery experience! This might sound a little stupid but no one had actually warned me how much my eyes would hurt after the surgery had been performed. The surgery itself was a lot more difficult that I had realised it would be as well. The surgeon insists that you keep both eyes open throughout the surgery and this is much easier said than done. There's no doubt that the surgery is extremely fast though - mine took only a few minutes. Except I had to go back into surgery after the surgeon had checked my eyes post-surgery. Something had moved in my right eye and needed to be fixed.

Whilst the end results was absolutely worth it, I would never want to go through the surgery procedure and aftermath again. The only way I can describe how my eyes felt once the anesthetic had worn off was like they were burning; I've never felt a sensation like it. They hurt so much I couldn't keep them open and the journey home was horrid; take my advice and take someone with you - this might be obvious to you but it wasn't to me!

Once home, I knocked myself out with sleeping tablets and slept for a solid 8 hours after which I opened my eyes and whilst everything was still a little blurry, my vision had improved dramatically already.

I put in the drops they give you and fell back asleep. The next morning when I woke up and reached to my curtain from bed, I could see the name that the road sign spelt out across the street - it was extremely exciting to literally wake up and be able to see perfectly.

A lot of blood vessels had burst and my eyes were looking pretty scary; they've only actually just completely cleared up.

Aside from that, and not being able to wear make up for a week after surgery (cue turning up to some press events looking freaky), my post surgery experience has been a walk in the park. You have to put in eye drops four times a day for a week afterwards but the small inconveniences are outweighed tenfold by not having the stress of putting in my contact lenses, and more importantly, remembering to take them out as part of my daily routine.

A month later and I've never been happier with my vision. I feel so lucky to have been chosen for such a fantastic experience! 
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