2 November 2012

Optical Express Team 21//The Consultation.

I have some crazy exciting news to share with you all. I've been chosen by Optical Express to take part in their Team 21 campaign.

They've picked 20 bloggers and journalists plus one competition winner for free surgery and to blog their laser eye surgery experience.

Hand glasses...couldn't find my real ones!

I have astigmatism with a prescription of around -1.5, which isn't the most awful of prescriptions but it's still enough that I can't read or see that much far ahead of me. 

I've worn glasses and contact lenses for almost 11 years now so to get rid of them both is going to be amazing.

I went along to the Shaftesbury Avenue branch last week for my laser eye surgery consultation. At this stage my biggest concern was that I wouldn't be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery.

I was put through the most vigorous eye test I've ever had. My eyes were scanned by a laser machine in order for them to tailor my surgery to fit only my eyes. My prescription was also measured again. Towards the end of the examinations, I was given eye drops that make your pupils dilate and your vision slightly blurry. This was really bizarre and my vision was really affected for a lot of the evening but it wasn't uncomfortable. 

The consultant was genuinely lovely and if anything, was a little surprised that I wasn't more inquisitive and nervous about the surgery. The only thing I wanted to know was how long the surgery would take and how much downtime I would need afterwards. 

It takes roughly a minute to laser each eye but it really depends on your prescription. Mine is likely to be less time as I have a really manageable prescription. You can return to work/uni/whatever it is you do the day after - you just need rest after your laser eye surgery.

I'm penciled in for next Monday morning!

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