21 November 2012

I wear clothes//No love dear.

18 and East jumper*. Zara turtle neck & velvet trousers. Mulberry bag.
Urban Outfitters flatforms & necklace. Daniel Wellington watch*.

Rather than always trying to think of new names for outfit posts, figured I might as well just use whatever song I can't stop listening to - there tends to be a new one every few days.

No love dear seemed pretty appropriate seeing as I shot this outfit post right outside my front door in SE London, which I now have no love for after someone tried to mug me close to home last week. 

Onwards and upwards though, hey! 
The Style Rawr said...

Cripes, sorry to hear about your near-mugging! Lots of velvet trouser love. <3

The Style Rawr!

Millie Cotton said...

Thanks Tara! I'm alright though so it could have been a lot worse! x

Eda. said...

you've styled these velvet trousers lovely hun!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


Anonymous said...

The trousers are lovely - I just dug out my velvet trousers the other day too.

Poor you for the mugging. I said this already but I'm sending you the love!


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