I wear clothes//Gold Dayzz.

Nelly leather jacket*. Cheap Monday crop jumper. Topshop skirt.
Urban Outfitters shoes. ASOS beanie

My hair is looking pretty short at the moment. I haven't had it cut, it's just breaking off - I guess that should be expected after bleaching the ends of my hair for a year. If anyone has any good recommendations that might help sort that problem, please throw them my way!

I love this Cheap Monday jumper but it's not really practical for winter. I ended up with a very cold midriff yesterday. Until it gets a bit warmer, it's going to have to stay put in my wardrobe. 

The title of post is a track by Ultraista, but in my case, it's the Maribou State remix that's on repeat. Their remix has been up 6 days on Soundcloud and has over 60,000 views - it's well worth a listen.


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