24 November 2012

I wear clothes//Caturday.

Enjoi cat jumper*. American Apparel shirt. Topshop Boutique trousers*.
Nike trainers. Mulberry handbag.

Cat's wearing gold chains, eye patches and smoking - this jumper is pretty hard to beat. It's difficult to turn a massive jumper in to a serious outfit post so this is potentially my worst outfit post to date but who cares, it's a great jumper. Sometimes I feel like blogging is taken a little too seriously by a lot of people. If it's your full time job, I get it, but for most it isn't so why not post a less conventional post every now and again? 

You must have noticed the cat obsession that's been circling the internet for a long, long time now and how amusing some of it is. Cats in bread was a favourite but the website has been suspended! There's a similar Tumblr here, which is almost as funny.

So there it is; I've written a post about cats. And by the way, the only cats I actually like are the ones covered in slogans, which someone has taken hours to come up with, staring back at me from my Macbook. 
Shei S said...

Cute jumper x


Millie Cotton said...

thanks! love it. x

Hola Bambi said...

Amazing jumper xx

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