Princesse tam.tam SS13.

Princess TamTam SS13

Princess TamTam SS13

Princess TamTam SS13

Princess TamTam SS13
It's not very often that I blog about underwear. Actually, I don't think I ever have before. Good underwear is the foundation of a great outfit. It can make you feel comfortable or it might cause you to fidget. It can create smooth contours or enhance any not so smooth shapes.

Parisian underwear label Princesse tam.tam has got it right for many seasons now and SS13 just gets better. There's a sporty aesthetic, in tones of white, black, light pastels and small injections of bright colour, to the Princess TamTam collection next season.

Princesse tam.tam SS13 has also mixed just the right amount of allure with practicality. There are bras with the potential to be worn as a crop top and shorts that double up as pajamas. 

It's not cheap but you can't compromise solid foundations. 

Visit Princesse tam.tam online for more info.

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