19 October 2012

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion review

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion*
Jergens Original Beauty Lotion*
Jergens Original Beauty Lotion*

I've used Jergens moisturiser for years, I've loved usually their Skin Firming Body moisturiser for a while now.

However, Jergens Original Beauty Lotion is the undisputed classic moisturiser form the brand and is renowned for it's cherry-almond inspired fragrance.

The texture of the Jergens Original Beauty Lotion moisturiser is light but creamy enough. It spreads easily, so you don't need too much to cover your body and is absorbed quickly, which is useful if you're in a rush. 

What's most distinctive about Jergens Original Beauty Lotion is that cherry-almond smell. It smells like a cross between marzipan and bakewell tarts, which is what they were apparently going for. It's a little sickly sweet for me. It tastes like something I'd want to eat, not something that I want to smell like all day but that's just personal preference. 

It does what it says it does on the label and lasts for around a day and for only £3.49 for 200ml of the sweet stuff.
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