3 October 2012

I wear clothes//Vandalised Icons.

Vintage cardigan. American Apparel crop top. Topshop Boutique silk joggers. Urban Outfitters socks. Nike trainers. EASTPAK Vandalised Icons backpack*. ASOS beanie.

For AW12 EASTPAK has come up with something pretty special. The brand has taken iconic images  and reworked them. Mozart does Ziggy Stardust, Abraham Lincoln has gone old school and Mona Lisa's got a tash any man would be proud of. 

The rework is fantastic. In between the vandalised photos, my backpack is cream and dotted with cute flowers. It's massive too! EASTPAK have always been top for backpacks but the new collection is truly one of a kind - exactly what I needed for my first day back at uni tomorrow.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 
amalie said...

awesome look!!

Millie Cotton said...

thanks Amalie x

Dicle G├╝ney said...

this bag is awesome! but who is he who have a rainbow on his belly?

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