17 October 2012

I chat//Eudon Choi.

On Monday evening I was invited to Premier to sit down with two other bloggers to chat to
Eudon Choi in honour of the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2012.

After winning the LYCRA® Style Emerging Talent Award in 2011, Eudon Choi has been asked to swap sides this year and join the judging table.

We grilled Eudon and the award designer Lily Kamper for the best part of an hour! I thought I would share some of the best and more interesting parts of our conversation.

Having been up for an award, and winning one yourself last year, do you feel harsh at all because now you have to judge and you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end?

Eudon Choi: I was really looking forward to seeing who was succeeding me and who the future talent is. I thought it would be really hard to judge but It was actually really easy. I looked at each of the entries and I was drawn to one of them.

What were you looking for in a winner?

Eudon Choi: Well, I wasn’t really looking for anything particularly. It’s the wrong thing to say that you were looking for something. You never know the talent that’s coming through. I suppose I was looking for something new.

Do you think it’s important for new designers to try new things?

Eudon Choi: It is quite a challenging thing. Especially when it comes to fabric. You have to be really clever. Because I’m not a print designer it’s all about mixing the textures and fabrics. It is really exciting for us to see new fabrics and use new fabrics, especially with the Lycra sponsorship. I guess creating new things is what people are looking for in a new designer. You have to be true to your signature though.

Who do you imagine wearing your clothes? Is there a specific woman in mind?

Eudon Choi: You know, I get asked that question a lot. I have three pages of a profile but I don’t think it’s very modern to define the woman these days. It’s really more important who wears it and what their attitude is towards the collection. It’s a very wearable collection. As a young designer marrying wearabilty and creativity together is important.

Do you prefer designing Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer?

Eudon Choi: It would have to be Autumn/Winter naturally. As a wearer, I like just a t-shirt and some shorts and completing the look with some amazing outerwear. It’s really natural. It’s so easy for me to design outerwear and statement pieces. Also, a lot of buyers and press are drawn into my outerwear. There’s more depth in texture so you can just play around with it. Spring/Summer is more challenging for me!

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