24 October 2012

Hunger Issue 3 launch party.

Hunger Issue 3 launch party
Hunger Issue 3 launch party (c) hungermagazine.com
Hunger Issue 3 
Hunger Issue 3
Last Thursday saw the launch of Hunger's Issue 3 launch. The Annroy Gallery was packed from wall  to wall with some of the most creative and talented faces in London, including Rankin himself, obviously.

I had wanted to go to one of these launches since the first one almost a year ago and finally I had the chance. I imagined introducing myself to Rankin and grilling him on his work but that didn't even nearly happen. I went along and was totally overwhelmed by it all and sort of cowered in the corner with my +1 Sophie. 

Hunger is one of my favourite publications. It might only be on it's third issue but the content from the very off has been outstanding. Rankin's stunning and cleverly crafted editorials set the magazine apart from any other publication. 
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