Vice Fashion Week Internationale party.

There's not a great deal to say about the Vice International Fashion Week party that you can't imagine goes down for yourselves, aside from there being a lot less sitting around and more dancing than I expected.

Making friends.
The venue was in Dalston, drinks were drunk via tokens and there were 7ft trannies. It was pretty much everything I expected of a Vice party, aside from the photo booth - who knew they'd want to capture any of it on camera?

I was just learning how to navigate my new camera when a transvestite and a man started daggering...damn.

One, or probably a few, too many red stripes and mojitos led to the above. Thanks Vice for getting me drunk and pretty the night before LFW started.

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Toomas Plunt said...

Fck...i must go to Vice party next time i'm in London.


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