22 September 2012

Vice Fashion Week Internationale party.

There's not a great deal to say about the Vice International Fashion Week party that you can't imagine goes down for yourselves, aside from there being a lot less sitting around and more dancing than I expected.

Making friends.
The venue was in Dalston, drinks were drunk via tokens and there were 7ft trannies. It was pretty much everything I expected of a Vice party, aside from the photo booth - who knew they'd want to capture any of it on camera?

I was just learning how to navigate my new camera when a transvestite and a man started daggering...damn.

One, or probably a few, too many red stripes and mojitos led to the above. Thanks Vice for getting me drunk and pretty the night before LFW started.

Toomas Plunt said...

Fck...i must go to Vice party next time i'm in London.

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