8 September 2012

5 inch and up x Nelly collection party.

There is only a very small chance that you haven't heard of blogging sensation Sandra Hagelstam, founder and editor of the blog 5 inch and up. 5 inch and up has almost 15,000 Google friend followers and has received over 11 million hits since Sandra first launched her blog back in 2010. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hopeful for that kind of success but anyway...

For the past year Sandra has been working with the Scandinavian online store Nelly.com to create her own capsule collection and last night Push PR hosted a party to celebrate its release on September 11th. 

The remark "It's just so scandi!" was burning everyone's ears last night. Being unfamiliar with Scandinavian fashion, I let Melissa from Push PR fill me in. Typical Scandinavian fashion includes boxy shapes and minimalistic design. So looking at Sandra's collection again, it was certainly more clear what people had meant all night long.

My friend Szonja and blogger Glitz & Glam with their favourite pieces

The collection is has an smart-casual aesthetic to it. There's also a hint of sports wear and a touch of tailored slouchiness in hues of grey, white and purple. 

Sandra from 5 inch and up with two models wearing her collection

As for the party, the mojitos flowed at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch, as did the conversation. As for Sandra herself, she looked stunning in a purple dress and boots from her collection. I'm certain the collection is going to be similar to 5 inch and up - somewhat of an overnight success - so I wouldn't hang around when it comes to snapping up a piece next Tuesday.

Me & Sandra from 5 inch and up

Lauren said...

I saw that dress on her blog in black and I love the shape of it. x

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