2 August 2012

Nail Ease Foils review.

How many of you seen all the crazy nail art all over Tumblr and beauty blogs at the moment? I've wanted to try out some nail foils for a while and lucky for me, Modus sent me some cute nail foils to test out.

So take four girls, sit them in front of the Olympics in Bristol and you've got the perfect setting to try out some bling foils.

Nail Ease foils in Leopard* & Pink Plain Diamonte *

You get twenty foils in a pack - it's best to have a pack to yourself as then you can match up your nail size better. You also receive a nail file and a cuticle tool.

So, literally all you do is put the foil on your nail, bend it over the edge and then file the excess off. It sounds simple and to be honest, it sort of is.

We tried out a 3D diamante set and a leopard print set; the diamante set was a lot harder to use. They were harder to make stick down on your nails and a lot more difficult to file off.

We had much more success with the leopard print foils. They stuck down well and the excess filed off easily.

The transfers offer a vibrant pattern that will be almost impossible to achieve using nail art pens and varnish. They weren't as easy to use as I thought they were going to be but then again, I'm no nail art pro.

At only £5.99, the leopard print foils are much cheaper than going to a salon but it is time consuming. The packaging says that the nail foils are for girls on the go but that's not what we found; the application took a lot of concentration and was fiddly.

Marc Jacobs ring & Monica Vinader siren rings*

The foils are supposed to last for up to ten days but I'll have to report back on that one. They are definitely worth a go but don't expect the same sort of finish you would get in a salon.
she.is.the.one said...

pretty set :)
come on giveaway!!

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