20 August 2012

Bleached at BLEACH LONDON.

A year on and my dipdye has lost its touch. I heard about Bleach a little while ago and how they weren't afraid to go where other hair dressers are. After seeing a video made by Elle I nervously made an appointment to do something a little different with my locks.

I headed to the salon situated in Topshop Oxford Street; I decided it might be a little less intimidating than the one in Dalston. It was small but busy. I was sat next to a girl who ended up having her bright red hair bleached blonde with a multi-coloured dipdye. 

Bleach London Topshop Oxford Street

Bleach London Topshop Oxford Street
 I knew I wanted pearly pinks ends, something like the model's hair in Wildfox's SS12 campaign. Nicole warned me the colour would only last a few washes and I would have to rely on dry shampoo to keep the colour in for a while.

She got straight to it. She stripped my hair a little further of the colour. The she used a pink toner, followed by a pink rinse. The whole process took about 3 hours. Nicole wouldn't let me leave without giving my hair a trim. I gave in and I'm glad I did. She cut it much blunter than I've had before and it's refreshing to have some of the length off after two years of refusing to let anyone near it. 

Nicole was great - probably one of the best hairdressers I've had to date. The aftermath not so much. I got rained on later that evening and woke up to some very blonde, but definitely not pink, ends. I'm not one to bitch but to be honest, I was really disappointed, especially as the cut and colour cost £150. When I rang Bleach to discuss the colour fade they were busy and I'm still waiting on them to return my call. I'll keep you updated! 
Lauren said...

£150 and it lasts a day?! Holy crap! It does (did) look great though x

Millie Cotton said...

Thanks Lauren, pretty gutted though! x

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