25 July 2012

I wear clothes//Back in the game.

Nike dress. Fred Perry rucksack. Vans trainers. Urban Outfitters socks. Topshop ring.

In spirit of the Olympics I picked out my favourite clothes made by sports brands - UO don't really count do they but they have recently started selling some cool bikes. If you didn't realise, I stole the title from a Jamie T song that came on in the car earlier and I thought it was pretty perfect.

I've lived in this dress since I bought it at the Village Bicycle sample sale a month ago at like a quarter of what it should have been - who knew Nike make expensive women's clothes? 

I'm not actually brave enough to stay in London for the Olympics - I'm wishing anyone who is luck over the next couple of weeks.

Photos taken by Arron Hollands.
Boho Spirit said...

I wasn't keen on neon vans when I first so them but your outfit is amazing and now I'm tempted to buy a pair! doubt they'll suit me though xx


Millie Cotton said...

Thank you :) I didn't think they would suit me either but they are actually pretty easy to wear. You do get a few weird glances though! x

Anonymous said...

cute! very edgy :) love the blog girl


Millie Cotton said...


Emma Brown said...

I really like the sneakers! Are they available in other neon colours?

Best regards,
Inventory Clerk London

Millie Cotton said...

Hi Emma. They come in neon pink too! Hope that helps.

Emma Brown said...

Yay I was hoping for pink :) Thank you very much for the response :)

Best regards,
Inventory clerk job London

Laura Hyatt said...

I love this look. Its so fun and different. Those trainers are cute. x
Heroine In Heels

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