17 July 2012

I Chat//Jack's Festival.

What with the Olympics hurling London into a state of rampant chaos, it will probably be best to flee the crowds in August, taking time away from the overcrowded tubes and swarms of tourists. 

Jump on a train and head to the Garden of England (aka Kent) on the 10th and you'll find an intimate gathering of extended friends, enjoying some cleverly crafted beats, amidst the remote woods - sounds romantic, doesn't it?

Jack's Festival is bringing some of the UK's finest artists and DJ's together, alongside some fresh local talent, for a solid 19 hours. 

I went to school with the founders and managed to catch up with them a head of the big day to chat about the challenges and cliches of organising their own boutique festival. 

So, who's behind Jack's Festival – obviously aside from Jack himself? Where did the concept come from? 

Jack Burbage originally came up with the idea last September, and enlisted the help of good friends Lewis Osmant and Alex Barrett when he realised he just might need some help! We also have on board the promoters and dj's from Flux, Wolfstock and Cola Wine, who have advised on booking artists. Even still [with all those], sometimes we wish there was a few more of us!

(c) jacks-festival.co.uk

Is it the first festival you guys have put together?

Jack's is new this year! None of us have ever done something like this before (the closest thing being the odd mediocre 'gathering' at school). However we are now older, wiser and have spent the last 8/9 months planning the party of the summer.

It sounds like a lot of work! How many hours have you each put in to make this happen?

We couldn't say how many hours
have been put in to organising Jack's. But more often than not, especially recently, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!

What can we expect from our day at Jack's?

You can expect a warm take off, an easy ride and a soft landing. We think we have catered for everyone's taste, in music, food and drink.

Who and what are you guys expecting?

Having promoted this at universities across the country we expect at least 80% of our guests to be students. Our main promotional tool has been Facebook, which is amazing for getting the word out to friends, friends of friends and soon-to-be friends! The atmosphere will be friendly enough for the hippies and ferocious enough for the ravers.

You've got some big names lined up that must have been hard to secure. How did you manage that?

With a little help from our friends at Flux, Wolfstock and Cola Wine we are very proud of our line up that has been secured. For a first time festival some artists might think it was a risk to get involved but all the artists seem excited for the event. Some were harder than others to book but it’s amazing how easy it is to get in contact with big names.

DJ Luck & MC Neat will be headlining the Cola Wine stage. (c) lastfm.com

What's been the biggest challenge organising the festival?

The biggest challenge has been what to prioritise so that everything gets done on time. You can't book sound equipment until you know which generators you are using, you can't book generators until you know how big your marquees are, you can't book marquees until... - you get the idea. It seems better to do everything at the same time, which you can imagine is very stressful. Always have a plan!

There must be a lot of pressure on you. What's your biggest fear about the day or do you not have any?

It may seem clich├ęd but we pray for good weather. People are more likely to go away happy if they have spent a few days on the crest of sunny hill rather than a rainy one. Our nightmares consist of the line “Jacks? Oh it was good but the weather was shit”. So touch wood, rub your lucky dice and use that third genie wish for a nice day!

And what are you bouncing off the walls with excitement about?

I think we are most excited to see all the hard work pay off. On the eve of the festival when (hopefully) everything is in place it will be a great feeling to stand back and survey our masterpiece. Before 1000+ guests descend on us to wreak some havoc... 

Jack's Festival is taking place at an unknown location in Kent on August 10th. For the full line-up, more information and to buy your ticket, visit their website
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