29 June 2012

Head over wheels for Uber.

Firstly, excuse the terrible title but it's true, I'm hooked...Today marks the official launch of Uber London; an extremely stylish car service that has already taken San Francisco, New York and Paris by storm. After trialling the service this week there's no surprise why.

No matter where you are in London all you need do is whip out your smart phone and request pick up using the Uber app at the click of a button. The service works best in central London during peak hours with pick up times taking no longer than ten minutes. The cars are exquisite; a fleet of Mercedes, Jaguars and BMWs are at your disposal for little more than the cost of a black cab. 

One of my rides over the past week.

As for my experience, well, I felt like royalty every time my car driver opened the door for me. I was delighted by what met me inside of the cars; magazines, water, mints and tissues were set among the seats offering everything I needed for a stress-free, luxurious journey. 

In fact, I have never felt more relaxed travelling around London. I used the service to attend a few meetings and events this week and what a difference it made. I usually turn up flustered from the heat of the tube and then trying to navigate my way to something but with the help of Uber, I was completely fluster free. 

Water, treats and reading material inside the Uber cars.

There is no money exchanged - you're account is tied up to your bank card and they even include a tip for you. Once your ride is over, Uber sends you an email receipt.

I only have one constructive criticism; as you are never entirely sure how long your car will take to collect you, it does make planning to be somewhere at a certain time more difficult than pre-booking. I live slightly out of the centre of London and had to wait half an hour for a car the first time I used the service which left me running slightly later than desired but as the company grows, more cars will hit the roads and waiting time till be reduced.

All in all, Addison Lee better watch their backs, there's a new uber-fashionable car service in town.

Thanks to Uber for driving me around this week! The Uber app is available for Android and iPhones. Check out their website for more details.

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