7 June 2012

I chat//Rosie Wonders.

Beginning in 2005 with a loan from the Princes Trust, Rosie Wonders is a mixture of original handmade greetings cards, vintage inspired jewellery, stationary and all things childlike. With no formal training in art beyond A-level, Founder Rosie Marshall has proved that you don't need to follow the most conventional routes to find success - her creations can be found on the shelves of Liberty, Urban Outfitters and Harvey Nichols. 

I met Rosie and was intrigued by her creativity and ambition. She has a charming aura about her, something reflected through the things she creates. 

How did Rosie Wonders begin? Did you study art or was it a hobby that has flourished into a career? 

I come from a family of designer-makers, my aunt was a knitwear designer in the 80's running a successful business, stocked in Liberty and Browns, my mum is an artist and my godmother a weaver who made wonderful scarves and blankets which she exhibited at Chelsea Craft Fair and sold to Designers Guild. As a result of these influences it seems natural that I have followed in their footsteps.

Are each of your items hand made? They must take a long time to make.

Not all of our products are handmade but we do try to hand make as many as possible. The cards, cotton shoppers, baby grows, and hand stitched and trinket jewellery are all made in the studio in Hackney. Wrapping paper and notebooks are made in the UK and our enamel jewellery is made over seas. It does take a long time but I have the wonderful Ellie who is super quick at making the cards. She makes 1000's every week!

You are based in East London, are you inspired by people around the area? If not, where else do you draw inspiration from for you designs?
My inspiration can come from anything or anywhere but generally I am inspired by old things. Vintage toys and dolls especially. Although I design for adults I like to keep a sense of childhood in my products to appeal to the big kid in us. Being based in East London is a good thing in terms of it being a place where there are lots of creative people and things going on but I can't say it inspires me. I am more inspired by my travels and images of things I have seen abroad or bought abroad often turn up in my cards.

Do you prefer making jewellery or cards? What is your favourite piece/card that you've made?
I struggle to find time to make anything myself these days as time is filled with answering emails and admin. Ideally I want to be able to focus on the creative aspect and employ others to deal with the paperwork and orders which I'm sure will happen fairly soon. If I do have time I enjoy making my hand stitched jewellery because each piece is one of a kind. I never know how its going to turn out until its finished. My favourite cards change all the time with my tastes and ideas which are constantly changing and evolving. I think that's why I can keep doing this, because the possibilities in design are endless. The only thing that holds me back is not having the money to have things manufactured. I have to be selective but I do also like take risks. 

What has been your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement I would say is in becoming stocked in Liberty. Its such a beautiful and iconic shop that I don't think anyone can wish for a better stockist. They are special in that they work closely with people like me, inviting us in to meet customers and present our products in store which sets them apart from other stores.

Who would you dream of seeing your jewellery on?
I can't say I'm a big follower of celebrity so I don't really dream of seeing anyone wear my jewellery. I'd be more excited to just see average people wearing it going about their everyday business. I think that probably means you've made it.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

My hopes are to be able to work less, have a family and be happy!

Visit the Rosie Wonders website for more of her jewellery, cards and sweet surprises. 
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