20 June 2012

Azari & III at 100 Club in celebration of Converse Gigs' birthday.

Azari & III at 100 Club
The intimate Converse Gigs' first birthday celebration was headlined by Azari & III on Monday night, providing a small crowd everything but an ordinary kick-off to their week.  

The Canadian electro-house quartet opened with an extended version of Manhooker whilst blinding the club with a bright blue LED light. The audience quickly forgot the twenty minute wait and there wasn't a single body not moving to the euphoric beats, some more rhythmically than others.

Starving But Full (no, I'm not joking) covered his face with a cutting edge, patent black mask, which looked at if it had been pulled off the set of Alien, whilst putting on one of the craziest shows I've ever seen. He happily mocked a guy in a suit in the front row who was one of the more frigid of the crowd. His dance move had no boundaries and when paired with Fritz Helder, who donned the tightest of trousers, the liberated 80's rave culture, which the quartet long to revive, immersed the audience. There was no holding back, nothing that they wouldn't do to keep their audience's mouth fittingly dragging along the floor astounded by their flamboyance.

Manic transcended the crowd into a dancing frenzy - although no one could have possibly matched the performance on stage.

The small venue, combined with titillated fans and a booming sound system, provided an electric (and very sweaty) atmosphere. The dance ensemble's live presence can not be faulted - they certainly know how to embrace a party. I'm certain that no matter where they go, these guys know how to be the centre of attention of every crowd.

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