15 May 2012

Nelly.com launch and competition.

Last Wednesday evening saw the launch of Scandinavian fashion website Nelly.com in the UK. We arrived at Aqua on Argyll street to be greeted with the longest queue I've seen at an event in a while. Luckily for me though, we didn't have to queue as my Nelly passport invite allowed us straight into the party.

We were whisked up to the 5th floor and our mouths hit the floor at the elegant surroundings. My eyes zoomed onto the variety of cocktails at the bar; all looked delicious. I helped myself to a strawberry champagne and Sophie had a lychee cocktail with a rose floating on its surface.

We were then persuaded to have our nails manicured, not that any persuasion was really necessary. I went for a bright American Apparel red colour with watermelons on each of my index fingers.

Next on our tour of the never-ending space, we headed out to the roof terrace. The view of Regent street was incredible, especially as it got darker. Podiums of shoes were placed all over so we had a mooch around looking at those too.

In the VIP lounge we found a photobooth and obviously had a go - it would have been rude not to. The cocktails continued flowing and my speech began to start slurring. I switched to strawberry Rekordalig in a moment of unheard of sensibility.

Then came some dancers and a raunchy routine. And Gemma Cairney DJ-ing. And finally us dancing... It was probably the best party this year has seen so far.

And now for you guys, Nelly.com is hosting a competition where you have to design your own shoe. The winner will receive a £2000 Nelly.com shopping spree and their design will be produced and sold online. Enter online here.
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