14 May 2012

Must haves//Playsuiting around.


Red Valentino satin playsuit £390. Peter Jensen sandals £156.
Mulberry Del Ray handbag £795. Victoria Beckham oversized sunnies £275.

High Street

Miss Selfridge playsuit £37. Nike high tops £67.
Just Acces gold cuff £20.

Why Mulberry, why? I was having a conversation with a pal earlier about the Del Ray and what a gorgeous bag it is, shame about the name though. The Alexa I got - she's been around filling the 'it girl' status well for a while now. (The newly invented) Lana Del Ray hasn't been around for that long and already she gets a Mulberry named after her.

Lana Del Ray has a great voice and dresses well but does that really make her worthy of a bag named after her? If I had the funds to buy it, I'm not sure I would. I can't lie though, it's certainly my favourite shape Mulberry to date. 
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