7 May 2012

Is blogging self-centered?

Before you read this post, please forgive its irony. I was having a bit of a moment and googled "Is fashion blogging self-obsessed". I found nothing except a witty Wordpress that looks at various fashion blogs and rips them to shreds.

The Internet has enabled anyone to share anything. Gone are the days where the only ones with blogs are HTML whizzes. There are so many different types of bloggers; travel, fashion, street style, sports, politics, food. Some people blog because they want to share what they believe in, such as their religion, or to share their travels with family miles away, and some, quite frankly, do it with the idea that blogging makes you money quick and you get a lot of free shit.

Bloggers have various agendas and diverse content but they all have one thing in common - they are written by people who think that their thoughts on their chosen topic are worth sharing.

There is a fine line between sharing these thoughts for other people's interest and self-obsession. Actually, is there even any difference? Surely thinking that your own thoughts are worthy of other people's interest means you must think highly of yourself. Lots of people are interesting enough to be able to sustain a healthy hit count but that doesn't mean everyone acts on it.

Fashion blogging enters into a whole other level of self-importance - mainly girls, but sometimes guys, sift through a good hundred or so photos of themselves and select just the best few, which they then might edit to make themselves look more beautiful/skinnier/tanned/whatever. I don't photoshop my photos but maybe if I knew how then yeah, I might. I started posting style photos because I realised that to get anywhere in the fashion blogging world that's what you have to do. I continue to do it because it's what gets me the most hits out of everything I post. And honestly, who doesn't want more hits. Blogging isn't a breeze - it takes time and effort, so people reading your blog (or you know, just judging what you are wearing) is validation that what you are doing is working.

So, why do people blog? Whilst there might be some who do think highly of themselves, I don't believe that every blogger out there does. Blogging is an incredibly useful platform and if you do it well, you can get a lot out of it, such as employment opportunities, and yeah, some free shit and you meet some  interesting people. Either that or you just vent into cyber space and get excited when you realise that there are people who continue to read your mumblings.

Blogs, unlike most publications, share honest opinions on things and when they plug a product, it's  because they genuinely like it, not just because the product is owned by an advertiser (hopefully but obviously, this does not apply to all) and people are after the truth, not just a regurgitated press release.

Anyway, I'm not sure that I've answered the question at all but then again, I'm not really sure I want to know the answer.
Anonymous said...

Despite making a few valid points, you hit a real (quite obvious) flaw when it comes to the whole 'they like the product they're plugging' ordeal. No. Bloggers are just as seedy as journalists - at least journalists are aware of their plugs, because they are driven by advertisers. Bloggers, however, are much more obvious. If you have a newspiece which is very on-topic and timely one second, and a blog about how you love this eco-friendly t-shirt company the next, that is likely because the PRs have somehow given that blogger a compensation fee for their blog-space. Bloggers - because they do it as a hobby, and it isn't a professional career - are more likely to plug because of a PR push, bearing in mind PR and advertising are very, very different in this case.

And just so you know, using expletives such as 'shit' in an otherwise seemingly intelligent post really dumbs you down. A lot.

Millie Cotton said...

Thanks for your comment. You have a valid point and maybe I'm a little naive when it comes to some bloggers being paid for their posts - there are very few that are though.

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