25 May 2012

I wear clothes//Overalls.

It's a hard life.
Vintage dungarees. Topshop T-shirt. Converse. 
House of Harlow sunnies*. Nixon watch. 

Overalls or dungarees? My Australian pal calls them overalls, but then again, she also calls flip flops thongs. The sun is out, as are half of London's legs (mine included). 

It's days/weeks like this when it must be utterly crap to have a job and be stuck in an office. I may not have a monthly pay cheque and I might have possibly had to forage pennies together to buy strawberries  but I can go and eat those strawberries in a park, for as long as I like.

This post is also an appropriate time to mention a hilarious blog post by a guy called Stu instructing how to pose like a fashion blogger. If you're a blogger, and you're offended easily, then probably best you avoid it but everyone else, you're very welcome. 
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