2 May 2012

I wear clothes//Originals.

Gettin' serious...
...now "being fun".

Adidas customised tee. American Apparel skirt. Uniqlo cardigan.
Deena & Ozzy heels. Accessorize necklace. 
Urban Outfitters backpack. YSL, Topshop & vintage rings.

When I say customised this top, what I really mean is I took my fabric scissors to a mens Adidas Originals t-shirt, cut it shorter and made the neck wider, so it was no longer a bag but actually wearable. 

So, me wearing a tacky Adidas slogan tee is pretty laughable. No explanation necessary but if I must provide one, the gold and black combo that sucked me in, okay?

Anyway, I'm off to waste my time loling at these incredible fat dogs - I know that sounds like a euphemism for the FHM hot list, but it really is just a fat dog tumblr.
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