4 May 2012

I chat//Richard Quinn.

I met Richard Quinn last year in university halls where we briefly bonded over our love of old school garage. Since then Rich has been keeping himself busy at CSM, finding sponsorship and collaborating with artist Chris Bracey, forming a collection that sees "an Essex girl go Vegas".

I saw down with Rich to pick his brains about the outstanding results. The video below, shot and edited by Jamie Manfield (when it comes to video, you name it, Jamie can do it), captures the essence of Rich's outlandish designs, but more importantly his talent, offering an insight of the great things to come.

So you study at St Martins. What is it you do and how's your experience been there so far?

I study BA Fashion Print for womenswear at Central Saint Martins. CSM really allows you to develop your own ideas freely with no limitations however the tutors are great giving solid advice to really further your projects and aesthetic.

What brought about your collaboration with Chris Bracey and what was the project for?

Since my first year at csm I have been fascinated by neon lights. I knew that after such a long time designing various forms of neon I wanted to use a neon artist who could get on board with the project. I contacted Chris Bracey as his knowledge is unrivaled anywhere not only being an artist in his own right he also creates exclusive work for people such as David La Chappelle, Liberty of London and Selfridges to name a few.

Who did what in the collaboration? What was it like working with someone else?

So once the sponsorship had been secured I met with Chris and we talked through my designs- mostly colourful and tropical. We found one that worked really well in terms of colour and composition and then Chris worked on developing my design. Working with someone else is always refreshing as your design approach is always different. I learnt so much from Chris - his breadth of knowledge is impressive.

What was your inspiration behind the collection?

The original theme was You Can Take The Girl Out Of Essex however then developed into the idea of a suit ripping away in the jungle but retaining the tacky, glam aspects of Essex. Lots of texture, print and colour!

The flamingo print doused in diamantes is pretty eccentric. What was that all about? Why flamingoes?

The flamingos really came from the tropical theme and I kept drawing them after I watched a film on their migration patterns on iplayer. once they were in the headpiece design I though I might as well go for the over the top in your face prints.

What was the concept behind the shoot? It seems to have a very definite theme with the neon lights and glitter.

Chris has this amazing archive of past work he calls Gods Own Junk Yard its quite something when he flicks a switch. We knew as the clothes were very colourful and bright with the neon we wanted the more is better approach in a tasteful way. A bit like an Essex girl goes Vegas. We discussed with the videographer Jamie Manfield what we were going for and he pretty much nailed it. He's a really talented guy.

What's your biggest achievement to date?

Getting into CSM was a special moment but I definately think this project with the neon as been it so far. Designing something and imagining it and then it surpassing your expectations, you can not beat that!

You've got another year left of your BA course, what are your plans and dreams for after that?

Working towards my final collection. I also have a few more collaborations lined up and freelance design. After that, it depends on my collection is received and I will just go from there I suppose?
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