18 May 2012

I chat//Felix Clarke (The Exclusives).

The Exclusives, a reality TV show featuring 6 wannabe journalists, started last night. After watching the first episode, it does all seem a bit gimmicky but nevertheless, I'm sure it would have been comical to take part in. 

A pal of mine Felix happens to have landed one of those six spots. On the show they've played on his posh boy persona and his niceness comes across as a bit fake, but Felix is genuinely the bubbly guy at uni. He never stops chatting. You can always guarantee that there will be a smile plastered across that handsome face. I had a chat with Felix about his experience on the show and what it was really like to be part of.

So, why you decide to enter the show?

I decided to enter the show for a bit of fun really when a university mate posted a link to apply on my wall.

What was the application process like? Take us through the steps?
The application process was three interviews. The first one was just a chat to the camera answering questions about what we like and what we are all about as a journalist more of a screen test. Second one was standing up in front of a different person, a higher v exec. Then we had to pitch ourselves in 30 seconds to the editors of all of the magazines. It went from 5000 to 500 to 20 to 6!

Was the experience all you thought it would be? What was the average day like whilst you were filming?

I didn't know what to expect from the experience so went in with a completely open mind. There was about ten hours of filming a day for six days a week for five weeks so the days were long and intense. Up at six every morn, but there would never be 'an average' day because we were deliberately not told what we were doing for more impact.

I'm not sure how much you can give away but what was your favourite moment?

My favourite moment was interviewing a famous blonde haired comedian with a fruit as his surname. You can work it out. That was entertaining.

You had to live in a house with five other people, did you make some good friends or learn anything from the others?

It was difficult living all together especially because we were living with three in one room at the beginning. It gets smelly and I'm a v clean person.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be? I'm not buying the Queen answer on the advert...

Of course I would want to interview the Queen. I'd also like to interview Maverick from Top Gun (Tom Cruise) but in character.

Are you always so charismatic? Doesn't it get exhausting being so nice to people all the time, or do you just genuinely like everyone?

Always charismatic. Why speak with little conviction?! Glass is always half full and rising. There's too many glum looking people around in the UK! Of course I don't genuinely like everyone but I try to like everyone and yes it does get exhausting but I think it's worth it because there is good in everyone Millie seriously!!!!

Obviously you can't tell us whether you won the competition or not, but what have you taken away with you from the experience? 

I've taken away an invaluable crash course in TV production and writing for celeb magazines. It's frivolous, bloody hard work and not in any way as glamorous as people think but way more fun than you're 9 to 5. Also taken away that you have to see celebrity as a product not a person.

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