21 April 2012

Week in pictures #1

(instagram: itsaldnthing)
(clockwise) New business cards from moo.com. Beautiful pals at 
Wolf & Badger. Getting me through my April cold. Jimmy Choo invite 
(love hard copies instead of e-vites). American Apparel splurge. 
Benefit California kissin' would have been totally appropriate at
Coachella (not bitter...). Gold tip and glitter nails.
Uni work is killing me. Wanklemut on repeat.
Too many drinks this week.
Me & Soph at Maddox's 5th birthday. 
Standard not taking having my photo taken seriously.
And finally...glitter JELLIES! 

I've just started using Instagram - the most fashionable way to brag about share your life with others via the internet at the moment. Me being me, I'm pretty late to jump on the bandwagon but now that I have, I have to admit, it really is addictive. Sometimes I do worry about how much of our lives we do share with other people and especially when blogging. That is of course if anyone is actually bothered about it and I don't flatter myself believing that there are lots of people who are. 

I received an unexpected message this morning from an acquaintance who I haven't seen or spoken to for a long time. He basically said that even though he wouldn't wear the clothes I post (thank god?) and most of what I cover is unrelated to his interests, he enjoys reading what I write anyway and to keep up the good work. Blogging is so competitive and even pretty bitchy a lot of the time so little gestures like that mean a lot.

As for the rest of the weekend, I have 4000 words to write and 48 hours to do it in...
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