29 April 2012

Week in pictures #2.

instagram: itsaldnthing

(clockwise) 1.38 of the Adele Butter dance - what does she think she's doing? Sienna X AW12 launch.  Various shades with Topshop crackle. Run pose, cool. Lone's new album on repeat. It's nice to forget the tube, take the bus and appreciate some of London, ya know? Tourists + rain = some hilarious rain defying gear. I'm still dreaming about these brownies from UO press day. Sometimes I feed my friends Tequila. I bought this necklace.  I can't not shop. I tried. I failed. "Friendships are better than normal ships" - got the cutest card in the post. I like to put meat in my Innocent Veg pots, is that wrong? I loved the jumper so much that I bought the crop top.  
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