8 April 2012

I wear clothes//I'm blue da ba dee da ba die.

American Apparel crop top & skirt. COS cardigan.
ASOS flatforms & sunglasses. Mulberry handbag.
Fenwicks socks. Topshop & YSL rings.

Happy Easter! I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for my mostly navy outfit except for that song by Eiffel 65, which I loved when I was what, like 8 maybe? 

Hope everyone's Easter has been filled with food, family and alcohol. I'm off to gorge on some chocolate...

Photos by Arron Hollands.
alicia said...

wow those glasses

Natascha Rachel said...

YOU are awesome, doll

underexplosions said...

omg the shoes. my life wont make sense if I cant get a pair of these.
and you look great on those sunglasses

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