I wear clothes//black n' gold.

Topshop shorts, boots & gold ring. H&M shirt. French Connection cardigan.
Urban Outfitters earrings & headband. Pandora bracelet. Vintage black & gold ring.

I've been looking for a pair of leather shorts that don't make my bum look well, quite frankly, enormous, for months now. Last week I finally found these faux leather shorts in Topshop and they were only £30. Not bad. 

I got this Pandora bracelet for my birthday from a friend. It makes me so happy when someone buys you something you would never pick yourself but you end up falling in love with it anyway. I haven't taken it off since. My nails are various colours with the Topshop crackle over the top, you know, just in case you were wondering...x

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Maia Dobson said...

Your vintage black and gold ring really rocked this outfit. I'm sure the gold buyers would be interested to auction it.


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