5 April 2012

Events//BlackBerry BBM party with Jessie J.

If ever there was a reason to throw a bash, hitting 55 million BBM users was a valid excuse for a lavish party, and lavish it was indeed.

Me and my pal Poppy joking around in the BlackBerry photobooth.
BlackBerry threw the party last night, not knowing the end that it would come to - but all publicity is good publicity right?!

I was invited to cover the party where we saw a great performance from Wretch 32 before we were treated to Brit-award winner Jessie J. She was outstanding. I pretty much spent my entire time on the front row of the gig laughing to myself at the surrealism of it all. She was funny, beautiful and that voice of hers resonated through us. We sang our hearts out to Mama knows best and Price Tag (the only ones I sort of know the words to - it would have been rude not to). Her set came to an end and suddenly everyone rushed to the cloakroom.

Next thing we knew, we had got our coats and headed to the exit, only to see police and a stretcher rushing towards the bar area. There was a hell of a lot of blood across the floor. We tried to leave. We were told we weren't allowed to because of a serious incident and were ushered back to the dance floor where the music had come to a halt.I didn't see anyone crying or throwing up, which has been suggested all over the news.

Eventually we were allowed outside and were placed in a queue to give our details to a police officer - only then would we be allowed to leave.

I feel so terrible for BlackBerry. They threw this amazing party, only for it to be ruined by a horrific and uncalled for act.

Already there are a lot of reports saying how overcrowded the venue was and how the staff were unprepared for the cloakroom queue. Yeah, it was crowded and the queue was long, but since when did either of those give anyone the right to bottle anyone else in the neck?!

Such a great night was spoiled by such a sad event. I hope the guy who was injured is alright.
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