2 March 2012

John Frieda Full Repair range.

Full Repair Shampoo*, Full Repair Conditioner*, Deep Infusion Serum*,
Root Lift Foam*, Deep Conditioner*

Hands up if you blow dry, straighten, curl or colour your locks. I don't really expect you to have put your hands up but, metaphorically, there would be no one with their hands down right now. I bleach my ends and over a period of around 4 weeks, they discolour to a gross orangey-blonde colour, or break off, so I bleach them all over again (God forbid those with all their hair bleached).

The John Frieda repair range was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and I have used it, and nothing but, ever since (it makes my review more accurate that way).

Firstly, all of the products smell sensational. The shampoo lathers really easily so I've only been having to use a small amount. The conditioner is thick and creamy - I always get through 2 bottles of conditioner to one bottle of shampoo so I'm probably not the best person to ask about amounts for that.

The rest of the products should be applied to wet or towel-dried hair. I've used the Deep Conditioner a few times and my only quarrel with it is that you have to apply it for 2-5 minutes and when you only have a shower, it's not that practical but that's the same with all intense conditioners.

Deep Conditioner*

I don't do much styling with my hair so on a regular day, once I've washed it, I put a couple of squirts of the Deep Infusion serum and run it through the ends. I was worried that it might weigh my hair down but I really needn't have.

Deep Infusion serum*

If I'm going out in the evening and want a bit more volume, I've used the Root Lift Foam, which really works. The first time I used too much and was left with greasy hair (always something to be weary of) - you only need a couple of small squirts of the stuff.

Two weeks on and my hair is softer and shinier than ever. I've had less breakage without a doubt. I would definitely buy the shampoo, conditioner and Deep Infusion serum again. The other products maybe not - not because they aren't brilliant, but because I'm far too lazy to do anything other than rough dry my hair.
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