16 March 2012

I buy stuff #8

Topshop metallic coat. Beyond Retro tie-dye crop top.
Vans trainers. Sally Hensen max growth nail polish.

I've been trying to add bright statement pieces to my wardrobe for a while now; so far I've got the crazy pink jumper and satchel and now I've got these totally in your face trainers to add to the collection too. To be honest, I think for me this might be where I stop with neon pieces. Flashes of neon are going to be big for next season, and are a key trend this season, so they all feel like good investment pieces anyway. The metallic coat which I wore in this style post caught my eye in Topshop and I couldn't leave without it. Again I feel hideously self-conscious in it but boundaries are there to be pushed. 

Now that I finally have some length to my nails (after my Christmas break down that led to me biting them all off), I'm trying to take much better care of them. The polish supposedly strengthens and maximises growth of your nails but only time will tell whether it works or not I guess. I'll put up a review after I've used it for a few weeks.
Anonymous said...

Love that Vans *-*

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