10 February 2012

REN's Love Clean Skin

After 11 years of creating skin-friendly products, REN have launched their first short film in celebration of their anniversary and their passion for beautiful clean skin.

Beauty bloggers and journalists were invited down to their HQ yesterday for a special screening of their evocative film, and to be introduced to their new products for 2012.

The film is fantastic; it portrays a healthy young couple, comfortable in their own skin, and free from traditional images of airbrushed beauty. The film is honest and natural, even if a little raunchy. 

Creative Director Danny Brook Taylor said, "There's a modernity about REN, coolness and confidence which we wanted to expose. It's about saying I'm happy with my skin, and I'm going to care for it, show it off. Touch someone's that I love and celebrate it".

The film is certainly unconventional, but you can't deny its simplicity and beauty. 
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