14 February 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel No 4

I've had a fair few emails enquiring after the dark coloured lipstick that I wear in a lot of my personal style photos, so I took the leap and thought why not just write up a review?

The Kate Moss for Rimmel range has been out for a while now, one very cheesy advert later and there was me running around London, trying find the dark plum colour that caught my eye. It took me a while to find somewhere with the shade I was looking for in stock but eventually I managed to get my hands on shade 04 (surely Rimmel could have hired someone to come up with more original names?).

It has been my favourite lipstick ever since. The colour is intense, and like it says on the label, lasting. I put it on at the beginning of a night and don't need to top it up for a few hours and even then, it is only patches towards the edges of my lips. The lipstick moisturises your lips so they don't dry out. There is a slight gloss to the lipstick; I personally prefer matt lipsticks but there's very little that could put me off this colour.

If you roll the lipstick to the top, it doesn't seem like you are getting much product for your £5.49 but I've had mine for a couple of months and it has lasted really well so far. The only downside to the lipstick is that it should really be accompanied with a lipliner as it can bleed a little bit (I'm too lazy to do this though and is doesn't end up completely all over my face so you can get away without).
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